Reflo Smart Cup With Open Rim Flow Control, Training Cup for Kids 6 Month and Up

  • $9.99

The Award-winning Reflo Smart Cup is a highly recommended training cup for all kids. Your little ones can easily learn the fundamentals of open cup drinking without the big mess and hard work. It's the perfect transition from sippy cups to open cups with its patented flow-control insert that allows your child to drink from anywhere along the rim without suction... it's a completely natural feel and flow. No, it's not spill-proof but it is virtually splash-proof and will slow down spills when they do occur. Available in 4 kid friendly colors that are transparent, so that kids can see how much liquid is left in their cup both for safety reasons and as a training aid. Not just for kids, these splash proof cups are great for adults who want to enjoy their cold beverages without having to drink around the ice cubes. Reflo Smart Cups are proudly made in the USA.

  • TRAINING CUP - Reflo cups are ideal for kids ages 6 month and up, children old enough to use a sippy cup, or anyone looking for a splash-proof cup
  • SPLASH PROOF - Delivers the same amount of drinking liquid from any angle or rotation, and is safe to use in cars and strollers without worrying over splashed drinks
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS - Reflo Smart Cups are BPA-free, phthalate-free and dishwasher safe, a smart and safe way to learn to drink from a regular cup
  • BRIGHT COLORS - Fun and friendly colors are appealing to kids, and translucent for easier view on the beverage level inside
  • USA MADE - All parts are made, assembled and packaged in the USA. Product contains 1 Reflo Smart Cup, 1 Reflo G2 insert, and 1 instruction sheet

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