KookNook Premium Silicone Kitchen Tongs Set with Stand for BBQ, Salad, Grilling, Frying, Cooking, 2-Pack (12-inch & 9-inch), Light Blue

  • $19.99

KookNook Premium Silicone Kitchen Tongs with Stand, 2-Pack (12-inch & 9-inch)

Product Overview

Designed of stainless steel and premium silicone, KookNook's tongs are very durable and built to last. Heat resistant to 480F. Set contains one 9-inch and one 12-inch tongs in a aqua blue color. Made of FDA Grade, BPA Free silicone. Non-stick silicone tips won't damage your cookware. Sliding lock provides for easy storage. Dishwasher safe.


  • HIGH QUALITY TONGS are constructed using heavy duty stainless steel, making them extra strong, durable, and long lasting. Soft grip handles protect your hands from hot metal, making them comfortable to hold for prolonged periods of time while preparing your favorite meals.

  • CLEAN-UP IS QUICK AND EASY: KookNook's tongs may be quickly washed under the faucet or in the dishwasher. Silicone tips are stain and odor resistant. After cleaning, the pull ring locking mechanism easily closes your tongs and saves space in your drawer.

  • PREMIUM TONGS ARE NON-STICK AND OFFER AMAZING GRIP: KookNook's tongs will not damage your expensive non-stick pans. The scalloped steel heads coated in silicone offer amazing grip and control.
  • BUILT IN STAND keeps them up off the counter for less mess

  • KookNook's blue 9-inch tongs are the ideal size for serving salads, appetizers, and tacos. The 12-inch size is perfect for use when cooking hot foods such as asparagus and other vegetables, turning meats, or barbecuing

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