Surfer Dudes Legends & Surfer Pets Wave Powered Mini-Surfer, Pet and Surfboard Beach Toy (Mako P.I. and G.)

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Introducing the world's first self-righting, self-surfing, surfer dude toy. The perfect beach toy for kids and adults. Don't just sit in the sand. Just toss your dudes into the surf and they'll automatically turn around and catch a wave! No batteries required! The secret is in our patented self-righting hydrodynamic manta wing and unsinkable board! Sweet! Surfer Dudes Legends & Surfer Pets are our new wave powered mini-surfer, pet and surfboard beach toy. Choose from 6 new interchangeable dudes and surfer pets: Laguna Luna & Astra, Long Beach Larry and Finley, Mako P.I. and G., Mavericks Mavy and Wavy, Surf City Sally and Malibu, or Waikiki Woodie and Carl.

Our Surfer Dudes Classics have 6 cool surfer guys and girls to choose from including: Bali Bobbi (Pink) Aussie Alice (Purple) Costa Rica Rick (Orange/Red) Donegan Doolin (Green) Hossegor Hank (Light Blue) and Sumatra Sam (Orange/Yellow.) Collect the whole sand toy set! These toys are easy to assemble and ready to ride! Get outside with this unique and fun toy. For once pick a cool toy dad! For ages 6 and up

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