1000-lumen rechargeable flashlight power bank: NEBO Redline Select RC 6698

  • $59.99

Don’t be the person who says they don’t need a flashlight because they have one on their phone. A dedicated flashlight allows you to have light whenever you need it and it will last much much longer than your phone. Let us not forget that the light on your phone quickly drains your battery which is something you cannot afford in a power outage or emergency situation. The NEBO Redline Select RC 1000 lumens is bright, powerful, and has the ability for the beam to be focused 4x that will reach out to further distances or widened which allows you to illuminate broad areas that are closer by, so you can have a clear picture of what is lurking in the shadows or see what your dogs will not stop barking at when you need them to come inside. The whole point of a flashlight is to illuminate the area around you. Most people do not like sitting in the dark. That is why when the power goes out the first thing we look for is a flashlight. When we need to change a tire on the side of the road at night, we grab a flashlight and light up the area around us. The Redline Select RC is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and has a pretty aggressive edge that can be used to break a car or house window to get out in an emergency situation like a car accident or house fire. It can also be used to fight off and aggressor. Since it makes sense to carry a dedicated light that is much stronger and lasts much longer that your phone, it makes a lot more sense for this tool to have multiple uses. This can obviously be used to illuminate the area you, and to break things with the aggressive edge. But, did you know that it can also be used to charge your USB powered devices? This light is powered by 1x 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. So you do not need to worry about running batteries down and breaking the bank buying new ones.
  • Illumination – when you are walking your dog or exercising when the sun is down you need to be able to light up you path for safety reasons, no one likes tripping on the beat up side walk or over getting startled by the snake that is actually a tree branch or vice versa; the size of the Redline Select RC is convenient and easy to carry is all situations, you have no reason to not have this light which also doubles over a power bank for those emergency situations.
  • In Emergency Situations – when power goes out the first thing we look for is a flashlight, this gives us a sense of safety and security, if you are going to carry anything with you on a regular basis, edc, then it should have multiple uses; Redline Select RC can also recharge your USB powered devices; it is powered by 1 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that is included, use your flashlight liberally and recharge it at the end of the day so you are ready go the following morning
  • As A Utility Tool – NEBO Redline Select RC has an aggressive edge that can be used to break through a car window to get in or out in a pinch; this goes along the lines of having multiple uses for the same tool; it can also be used in fend off an attacker if the 1000 lumens does not to the job to stop them; carrying this flashlight is not a problem especially when you take into account the size along with the magnetic base and clip, you have no reason to not carry a light with you
  • Signaling For Help – the Redline Select RC 1000 lumen flashlight can be used to signal for help if you are lost in the wilderness or need to get the attention of other drivers if you have car troubles, the 1000 lumens provides you with enough power to signal others from a good distance away; if you don’t want to signal other drivers and would rather call a friend do that, but remember that this is an emergency situation and your phone is probably dead, no worries just use the Redline Select R
  • Personal Defense – zoomed out the Redline Select RC provides you with a wide range of light similar to a flood light; allowing you to light up the area around your car when you are walking to it after work or that dark spot around the corner of your house where you keep the trash cans; but when zoomed you can focus the 1000 lumens in an extremely narrow field of view which is similar to a spot light on an actor, but in this case you use it to stop a potential threat