3-IN-ONE RV Care Rubber Seal Conditioner with UV Shield, Water Resistant Formula, Reduce Friction and Prevent Cracking or Fading, 11 oz

  • $14.99

3-in-One RV Care... RV maintenance made easy!

The 3 in One RVCare Rubber Seal Conditioner helps clean, condition and protect rubber seals to keep out the elements and extend seal life. Poorly maintained rubber slide-out seals or gaskets can cause deterioration and cracking that allows water, dirt, wind and even rodents to enter RVs.

Safe to use on rubber, metal, vinyl and plastic.

  • Specifically designed to condition and protect all types of RV rubber seals including those on slide outs, doors, windows, compartments and hatches
  • Long lasting, water resistant formula reduces friction and wear to help extend the life of rubber slide-out and other seals
  • Special UV Shield prevents cracking and fading from sunlight damage
  • Great for conditioning rubber seals on RV’s, campers, boats, cars and other vehicles
  • Easy to use smart straw nozzle sprays two ways, stream or spray, for ultimate control and convenience