Badmoji Emoji Card Game - Adult Party Game by Gray Matters Games

  • $19.95

Do you think you know your emojis? Try your wit at this quick fun adult party game using funny and naughty emojis. Describe what you see on the cards and let the hilarity ensue. For ages 17 years and up. Can play 3 to 6 players. Brilliant and funny combative play!

  • EASY TO PLAY AND FUN FOR ADULTS! If you love bad puns, jokes and using emojis you will love playing Badmoji. For 3-6 players, ages 17+
  • NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW) Compete against your fellow filthy minded friends in this uncensored guessing game of figuring out the indecent emoji phrases.
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES! This hilarious game is the perfect new party game, can be played in small or large groups in about 30 minutes playtime.
  • LEARN TO PLAY IN MINUTES This game will get you laughing with your friends and racing to win in this competitive quick thinking dirty-minded card game.
  • PLAYER WITH MOST POINTS WINS! You’ll need quickwits to win- at the end of two full rounds the player that has the most points is the badmojiest and gets bragging rights.