Disney Finding Dory Kickboard and Swim Goggle Set

  • $27.34

Your kids will love to race around the pool with their Kickboard from SwimWays! Our full-size kick board is made of sturdy, buoyant foam and features high-intensity graphics. This swim board is not only fun to use, it's also a great tool to use during swim training, helping kids build lower body strength and perfect their kicks. The soft construction and water-tight seal of the SwimWays Swim Goggles make for a comfortable fit! The push-button adjustable head strap makes pool prep a snap for kids and parents! And the latex-free construction keeps provides peace of mind.

  • Includes: One 17" Finding Dory kickboard and 1 pair of matching Finding Dory swim goggles
  • The kickboard is crafted using high quality foam core construction with fiberclad outer covering
  • Bright fun graphics. Perfect for kickboard swim training. Helps kids build lower body strength and perfect their kicks as they learn to swim.
  • Goggles feature soft construction, a water-tight seal, and a push-button adjustable head strap for easier pool prep.
  • Character accents around each lens are fun to wear in the pool for swim practice, or out of the pool for role play.