Magnetic MightyMind

  • $24.95

The ingenuity of MightyMind makes it a stand-out favorite with teachers and child development experts. An activity toy that develops the essential skills every child needs. MightyMind develops creativity and helps children understand visual/spatial relationships. This version of Mighty Mind has magnetic tiles. It contains 32 proportional design tiles in 6 basic geometric shapes, 4 colors, in large and small sizes, plus matching magnetic shapes. The tiles are neatly stored in the convenient cotton storage pouch. Also included is a deck of 30 sturdy puzzle board cards which are organized and programmed in numerical sequence to show children how to build and solve puzzles. All items are enclosed in a handy storage tin, ideal for travel. Universal in appeal as no language is required. Children learn to solve puzzles entirely on their own. Whether your child uses the enclosed pattern cards or designs his own figures, animals, people, buildings and imaginative pictures...increased skills result. Just the right level of challenge in problem solving and visual spatial experiences. Predictable Success. Brilliant Colors. Intriguing Pictures to Create on their Own. Smarter kids. Great Fun. MightyMind.

  • Includes 32 design tiles in 6 shapes and 4 colors
  • 30 puzzle board cards
  • Develops creativity & helps children understand visual/spatial relationships
  • A great confidence builder in a fun, purposeful format