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YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE A CHILD BECOMING SMARTER AND SMARTER AS A CHILD PLAYS WITH MIGHTYMIND, because each step is numbered showing a child's progress. It's like a measuring stick. A CHILD’S POWERFUL MIND IS LAUNCHED IN JUST 30 CONNECTED STEPS. New, Deluxe Magnetic MightyMind is the latest edition to the unique 42 year old activity set that’s been making kids smarter in 26 countries around the world. MightyMind is a launching pad. It’s the FIRST STEP – the beginning point for every child to acquire logical thinking skills. It’s more than just a toy. As kids play with it, they develop a solid foundation that becomes a platform for building more advanced complex skills. It precedes letter recognition, reading, math and STEM. Award winning MightyMind is a scientifically designed linear program that shows kids step by step how to solve and build puzzles from simple to amazingly complex. It’s non-competitive, so every child succeeds. Kids get absorbed with it for hours. It’s perfect for travel, because the magnets hold everything in place The new DELUXE edition has a color coded metal sorting tray that greatly reduces the chances of kids losing parts when traveling and it keeps the play activity organized. This DELUXE edition is expandable. It’s enlarged play tray will accommodate more MightyMind advanced puzzle patterns including SuperMind Design patterns #40300, MightyMind Challenger #40600, MightyMind ZOO Adventure #40114 and MightyMind Sea Explorer #40113, They are available as a 4-pack – Search – Amazon B084VGMGB5
  • MAKES KIDS SMARTER and PARENTS CAN ACTUALLY SEE IT HAPPENING, because the numbers on the puzzle patterns show the level that a child has achieved as a child plays with it. It’s like a measuring stick showing a child’s progress and step by step SUCCESS.
  • TEACHES KIDS HOW TO SOLVE and BUILD PUZZLES from very simple to amazingly complex. A COLOR-CODED sorting tray creates a base for organizing COLORS and SHAPES while building ORGANIZATION SKILLS. Additionally, the metal sorting tray holds the magnetic design tiles while a child is solving and building each challenging puzzle. It also keeps the parts neatly together and reduces the chance of parts becoming lost, especially when traveling.
  • DEVELOPS ESSENTIAL LOGICAL THINKING SKILLS, dexterity, eye-hand coordination, patience, and creative problem solving.
  • BUILDS CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM as kids advance STEP by STEP - NON- COMPETITIVE- Recognizing each child's individual differences so every child SUCCEEDS. When a child has succeeded and reaches the first 30 step plateau, the DELUXE Magnetic MightyMind set can be expanded to accommodate 4 additional advanced puzzle pattern sets, including SuperMind Design patterns #40300, MightyMind Challenger #40600, MightyMind ZOO Adventure #40114 and MightyMind Sea Explorer #40113.