MiracleWare Muslin Swaddle Blanket, Radiant Orchid Stars Collection, 4 Pack

  • $43.99

Encourage baby's sweet lullaby in this luxuriously soft 100% breathable cotton oversized multi-use muslin swaddle blanket. Ideal for sleeping, cuddle time, nursing, burping, changing, tummy time, playtime and more. The muslin weave is light, breathable and flexible allowing for a gentle yet snug wrap,; dureable and strong to last through many washes. As with any fabric to come in contact with baby's delicate skin, always prewash cold gentle cycle and warm tumble dry prior to use. Muslin is perhaps one of the most wholesome, natural and gentle fabrics around making it a desirable choice for baby. It's many features include an open weave that's lightweight and breathable helping to regulate body temperature while also providing warmth and comfort. The natural fiber is soft and delicate yet durable and easily withstands endless washes that will only make it softer. And lastly, the finely-woven fabric has a natural "give" making it easier to swaddle snugly without being too restraining. Muslin has been used for centuries because of its many benefits. And now MiracleWare puts a modern twist on the ancient fabric with hip, stylish and unique designs to suit your individual taste needs. From swaddlng and security blankets to crib sheets, absorbent bibs and more, we're confident you'll love our line of muslin MiracleWare!

  • THIS ISN’T YOUR ORDINARY OFF THE SHELF SWADDLE BLANKET. It’s unique 47x47 extra-large size and durable muslin cotton fabric means your baby will never outgrow its multi-functional uses. Buy one – use it forever.
  • WHY MUSLIN COTTON? IT'S NATURAL AND BREATHABLE. Unlike regular cotton, muslin is made with an open weave which allows heat to escape and fresh air to enter while keeping your baby warm and snug. A comfortable baby is often a calm baby.
  • DON'T PAY FOR AND HAUL AROUND 6 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS WHEN THIS BLANKET CAN DO IT ALL AT FAR LESS MONEY. It’s a stroller cover, changing table cover, nursing cover-up, tummy time blanket, swaddle blanket and makes an ideal full-coverage burp cloth.
  • MAKE THIS RECEIVING BLANKET A PART OF YOUR BABY'S LAYETTE AND DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF MIRACLEWARE MUSLIN. Baby’s delicate skin will appreciate that this fabric becomes softer with each wash. It’s the quality moms have come to trust from Miraclebaby
  • MADE BY THE SAME FOLKS WHO MAKE THE #1 PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED MIRACLEBLANKET– used by 2 million babies and parents. A company with a mission to bring the gift of sleep to babies everywhere has applied that same genius to these Muslin receiving blanket.