NEBO Rechargeable Flashlight Power Bank: 700 Lumen Dimmable Flashlight with Red Laser and Hands Free Options; NEBO SLIM+ 6859

  • $34.99

Your regular everyday flashlight comes in a variety of sizes and generally has one specific use; which can be a work light (low output) or tactical/self-defense light (high output). Then there are headlamps which are generally designed as low output, hands-free work lights. What happens when you need both throughout the day, but you do not want to carry multiple lights on you. Most people would think that they are of luck, but you are not most people. You have found the NEBO SLIM+. The NEBO SLIM+ is not your standard flashlight, it is in a class of its own. The SLIM+ is made from aircraft grade aluminum, and is water and impact resistant. However, we DO NOT recommend that you drop it for fun. It is designed in a way that allows for maximum functionality from a durable, portable, sleek, compact design. This allows you easily carry it in your pocket, toolbox or tackle box. With 2 different output modes, this beauty provides 700 blinding lumens for a total of 1.5 hours. However, if you do not need it that bright, you can dim the SLIM+ down to 70 lumens, and run it for a total of 6 hours on a single charge. One of the amazing feature of the SLIM+ is the rechargeable battery, which is charged via the included micro USB cable. Do you know what that means, drum roll please, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on batteries. Let’s not forget about the built in laser pointer that can run for a total of 20 hours on a single charge. To make things better we have included a power bank, giving you the freedom to charge your electronics on the go. I am sure that this helps calm your nerves. The thought of my phone dying almost cause me to have an anxiety attack. This light is an amazing addition to your EDC kit, toolbox, shop, tackle box, and even your go to kitchen drawer. Features like the removable magnetic belt/pocket clip, collapsible hanging hook and powerful magnetic base, allow for convenient and versatile hands-free lighting.

  • BRILLIANTLY BRIGHT LED: illuminate any area with your 700 lumen COB LED rechargeable NEBO flashlight
  • RED LASER: your laser beam provides you with precision pointing power at your fingertips
  • RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT: stop worrying about buying extra batteries, simply plug in and charge
  • POWER BANK: does the though of your phone dying cause anxiety attacks, charge it up with your Slim+
  • HAND FREE OPTIONS: hanging hook coupled with magnetic points allows you to mount the Slim+ anywhere