Snowman Winter Decor Magnet Set and Metal Photo Board for Home or Office by Roeda Studio

  • $24.99

Celebrate the fun of the winter season with this cute magnet and memo board set.

The magnetic metal freestanding easel is 8.5” x 6.5” to hold your favorite winter photo. Includes 3 snowman magnets.

The easel can be combined with any magnetic embellishments and photos to form whimsical, colorful, and personalized art for your home. The final creation is up to you!

The magnets are perfect for magnetic photo boards, memo boards and frames-- not to mention your refrigerator, metal mailbox or somewhere in your cubicle at work.
  • Typically, magnets find their home on the kitchen fridge. And for good reason. But, unlike an adhesive, a magnet can attach and re-attach an infinite number of times without losing sticking power. That makes them pretty versatile. So why stop at the refrigerator?
  • Our table or desk top steel board display is like a canvas on which you can arrange our metal art magnets. Board is large enough to hold one 5x7 or two 4x6 pictures.
  • Unlike bulletin boards, wall hung frames, and magnetic frames our picture/note display board can be easily moved from room to room in your home. Use it to share Honey Do lists, school notes, the day's shopping list, or an I love you note. The possibilities are endless!
  • The rustic looking picture board standalone base makes for a great addition to any office cubicle. Use the decorative magnets to pin inspirational or motivational quotes, work to-do lists, or reminders that Friday is coming.
  • Comes with an 8.5 X 6.5 in. black metal display board. Embellish your story with the set of magnets, includes 3 cute snowmen. BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE today by purchasing for yourself or as a gift to display pictures of your family and friends on Roeda Studio's fun and unique display board.