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Product description

Super Mind Regular Edition - Makes Kids Very Smart - Ages 5-9 (#40200) SuperMind by Leisure Learning is the winner of many awards & is recognized as a valuable learning tool in over countries throughout the world.

Many schools use these multicolored plastic tiles and diagrams as challenging mental exercises for children. The set includes 15 diagram cards with 29 diagrams and a solution key. The easier diagrams are those of familiar objects; the more difficult ones those of abstract shapes. Only tiles of a certain shape can fill in the outlines of each diagram. Students use spatial relationships, shape recognition, and problem-solving skills to complete diagrams with the geometrically shaped tiles. Children can enjoy this activity on their own and develop skills in independent thinking and self-directed play. Recent studies have shown that creative thinking and problem solving can increase brainpower. Though this product is called Mr. SuperMind, Ms. SuperMinds will enjoy it just as much. --Lee Strucker

  • Picture and design activity kit
  • Contains 32 colorful geometric shapes
  • Comes with a storage tray
  • Includes numbered puzzle cards
  • Keep a child busy for more than a half hour